One pass and you’re done. With only precious few minutes to clear a runway in a blinding storm, you need the TJS by Schmidt. This award-winning machine has been engineered to clear snow and ice -- down to the pavement -- in just one pass. Learn more about its three functions, two patents and one-pass performance.


High-speed Sectional Snow Plow

Features independently adjusting blade sections that allow the plow to remain in constant contact with the pavement at speeds of up to 37 MPH. The operator can also adjust the plow’s attack angle for optimum clearing performance in varying conditions.

Automated Sweeping System

Schmidt’s patented system is controlled by the speed of the vehicle-slower speeds result in more bristle contact with the surface, meaning more aggressive cleaning action. Faster speeds result in lighter surface contact, lengthening the life of the bristles.

​Powerful Blower

The powerful blower delivers an intense 400 ft/sec jet of air over the entire width of the unit. Even at 50% power, the blower outperforms the competition and leaves runways free and clear of snow and ice.

One-Pass clearing at speeds of up to 40 mph.

High-speed Snow Plow

  • Operator can adjust the plow’s attack angle from inside the cab
  • Driver can also adjust the weight distribution of the plow to increase or decrease the down pressure of the cutting edge
  • Independent caster wheels increase relieve pressure on the the cutting edge and enhance mobility
  • Available clearing widths range from 15 to 26 feet

Patented Sweeping System

  • Smart sensors detect changes in vehicle speed and automatically adjust brush rotation for maximum efficiency
  • Pressure increases for ice or hard-packed snow and decreases if not needed, reducing bristle wear and tear
  • Twin casters provide smooth and efficient sweeping operation
  • The brush can move independent of its support frame
  • Brush automatically locks in place parallel to the frame for safer transport and efficient storage

Hydraulically Driven Blower Unit

  • Two air speeds are set from the control panel and can achieve a speed of 279 MPH
  • The blower is in front of the rear axle so snow and ice don’t get compacted by rear tires
  • The cover of the blower can be tilted back for easy access while providing shelter for the maintenance team

Fast and Easy Mounting/Dismounting

Plow mounts or dismounts quickly and easily via a patented hydraulic quick-change mechanism

Vehicle Connection

Depending on the desired configuration, the TJS unit can be towed by a semi-trailer, articulated truck, or tractor. Standard front axle steering with hydraulic rear axle steering linked by automatic track control is an option. Length is between 33”7” and 40’7” depending on the model.

Quickly attach the best brush for the job

The brushes come in four sizes, and may consist of 16, 18, 21 or 30 segment cassette systems with an aluminum brush core. The bristles are available in all poly, all steel, or poly/steel mixture. And the special parallelogram brush suspension system reduces excess wear on the bristles.

Smart Technology

The intuitive and customizable control panel with color display lets the driver focus on the clearing operation. One button push quickly sets plow, sweeper and blower into work or transport mode. Smart Assistance technology provides important operational information, necessary maintenance reminders and fleet updates. The control panel can be easily moved to rear cabinet for maintenance or operator training.

Optional CNG Dual-Fuel System

With the optional CNG dual-fuel system, natural gas supplements your diesel fuel, with switch over from diesel to gas happening automatically. The engine starts with diesel fuel. As soon as a higher rpm is reached, the system begins injecting natural gas. The higher the load, the more diesel fuel can be substituted by gas. Allowing the TJS to not only keep your runways cleaner, but the Earth cleaner, too.

Total Lifetime Care

To maximize the life and value of your equipment, give it some TLC. Our Total Lifetime Care ™ service policy means our dedicated team of fully trained support staff is always ready to be there for you and your machine, anywhere, anytime, 24/7. As specialists in snow and ice removal, we have the solutions to all the challenges winter brings.


Clearing capacity
279,378 sq.yd./hr
(213,600 sq.m. / hr)
372,766 sq.yd./hr
(285,000 sq.m. / hr)
419,067 sq.yd./hr
(320,400 sq.m. / hr)
Brush length
13' 10"
(4,200 mm)
18' 5"
(5,600 mm)
20' 8"
(6,300 mm)
Sweeping angle / width
32° / 11' 8"
(3,560 mm)
32° / 15' 7"
(4,750 mm)
32° / 17' 7"
(5,340 mm)

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