The Advanced Liquid Applicator for Medium- and Heavy-duty Vehicles. Driven by environmental concerns, European governments insist ice melt chemicals stay on the roads In response, Schmidt pioneered the precise application of liquid de-icing materials and the Straliq embodies all that we have learned.


Liquid capacity
1,981 gal
(7,500 L)
2,642 gal
(10,000 L)
3,302 gal
(12,500 L)
3,963 gal
(15,000 L)
Spray width
3.5 m per lane
3.5 m per lane
3.5 m per lane
3.5 m per lane
Weight, empty
3,285 lb
(1,490 kg)
3,276 lb
(1,690 kg)
4,167 lb
(1,890 kg)
4,608 lb
(2,090 kg)

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