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Where intelligence meets efficiency. Driven by environmental concerns, European governments insist ice melt chemicals stay on the road and not roll into the ditch. In response, Schmidt developed a smarter, more accurate spreader for superior ice control at higher speeds.


Premium Application System

Advanced engineering and design deliver a system that can spread in symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns, throwing out dry or perfectly mixed pre-wet salt.

Precisely placed material

Spreading disc swivels to broadcast across one, two, or three lanes with an evenly-dosed pattern delivered across the entire spread width.

On-the-fly adjustments

Driver can easily fine-tune the spreading density and width to changing road conditions with the intuitive control panel.


Low-profile hopper

  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Low-profile design increases vehicle stability and provides better rear visibility
  • Hopper sizes available in 4.0 - 7.8 cu. yd. capacities

Ultra-premium conveyer system

  • One-piece conveyor belt with V-shape mold to promote uniform material flow
  • Patented feedgate with anti-clumping chain creates free-flowing material
  • Belt runs on a stainless steel bottom for increased service life
  • Idler roller is also stainless steel with maintenance-free bearings

Advanced distribution system

  • Disc swivels to deliver material exactly where needed without having to change lanes
  • Ground-speed control system detects truck’s speed then adjusts disc speed and material dosage accordingly
  • Optional 24” and 28” discs available

Precision pre-wet mixture

Five-zone mixing system ensures accurate solid-to-liquid ratio
  • Salt is directed through the chute into the mixing chamber
  • Brine is sprayed along the walls of mixing chamber—salt can’t stick and cause blockage
  • Thorough mixing achieved through both centrifugal force and rotary motion

Integrated liquid tanks

Designed to fit snugly against front and sides of hopper

  • Made of impact-proof, cold-resistant polyethylene
  • Interior baffles stabilize liquid for increased safety while driving
  • Intakes at center of tank for trouble-free operation in hill regions
  • Integrated filter for filling and emptying

Maximum ease and safety while mounting/dismounting

  • Integrated leg stands are fast and easy to use
  • Wider leg positions provide more stability
  • Can be mounted and dismounted with fully loaded tanks, by one person
  • Also available in hook lift and fix-mounted systems

Built smart and built to last

From the powder coated frame and hopper, to the use of stainless steel or high-quality polypropylene everywhere else, Schmidt is committed to providing equipment with long service life and low-cost maintenance. Other robust design features include a belt cleaning system that prevents salt from running into the truck’s loading platform and a spinner disc made with double bearings.

Full control from the comfort of the cab

With a simple push of a button or twist of a nob, the driver can quickly react to changing conditions on the roadway—easily adjusting spreading density, spreading patterns or lateral distribution. The intuitive, programmable electronic control system permits extremely precise dosing and distribution. Haptic feedback allows easy use while wearing gloves.

Back-up protection

Should an operator ever accidentally back into something, on contact, the entire distribution system kicks back to prevent damage.


Hopper Capacity
6.5 cu.yd.
(5.0 cu.m.)
7.8 cu.yd.
(6.0 cu.m.)
9.2 cu.yd.
(7.0 cu.m.)
10.5 cu.yd.
(8.0 cu.m.)
Brine tank capacity
489 / 634 gal
(1,850 / 2,400 L)
634 gal
(2,400 L)
793 gal
(3,000 L)
793 gal
(3,000 L)
Hopper length
11' 8"
(3,599 mm)
11' 8"
(3,599 mm)
13' 8"
(4,200 mm)
13' 8"
(4,200 mm)
Hopper height
5' 4"
(1,630 mm)
5' 10"
(1,770 mm)
5' 10"
(1,770 mm)
6' 2"
(1,885 mm)
Hopper width
6' 7"
(2,000 mm)
6' 7"
(2,000 mm)
6' 7"
(2,000 mm)
6' 7"
(2,000 mm)
Weight, empty (including disc)
2,414 / 2,579 lbs
(1,095 / 1,170 kg)
2,480 / 2,646 / 2,952 lbs
(1,125 / 1,200 / 1,339 kg)
3,029 lbs
(1,374 kg)
3,128 lbs
(1,419 kg)
Weight with pre-wet kit, legs, screen, folding cover
3,190 / 3,355 lbs
(1,447 / 1,522 kg)
3,256 / 3,422 / 3,885 lbs
(1,477 / 1,552 / 1,762 kg)
3,962 lbs
(1,797 kg)
4,061 lbs
(1,842 kg)